How To Decorate Your Bedroom


Updating your bedroom can be a daunting task.  We feel the need to have lots of furniture for our organizing needs, yet these same pieces can seem cluttered and/or take up too much space.  But, there are quick and easy ways and items you can think about investing in to make your bedroom a more inviting place.  We hope you enjoy our tips below!


  1.      Update your bedroom pillows: Whether they are for the chaise lounge or your bed, we love the idea of mixing and matching new pillows in exciting color combinations.  We love these pillows from Bella Notte.


  1.      Add a bit of art:  It could be finally framing that photograph you took on your trip to the beach last year, finally investing in a piece from the artist you’ve always loved, or simply picking a fun print – but art always adds a bit of character and intrigue to any space.


  1.      Paint: Update your room with a fresh coat of paint.  Maybe a fresh coat of bright white paint would enliven the space, or add a bit of character and drama with a rich navy or charcoal.


  1.      Pattern Play: Mix and match your favorite patterns!  We love mixing colors and fabrics from Bella Notte.  These are some of our favorites here.


  1.      Comfort: Make sure your bedroom is a safe haven.  Whether you add a cozy throw blanket or extra pillows, make sure your bedroom is your safe space when it comes to cozy.




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