How To Decorate With Pillows


With so many pillows to choose from, how does one choose?  What is the best way to decorate with pillows?  We’re here to share a few tips:

  1.      Work with your space: Get an idea of ideally how many pillows you’d like to work with.  You can always start with a few and add more!
  2.      Choose your style: whether you are going for glamorous, contemporary, or classic, the shape, size, and fabric counts!  Think about these things when choosing the patterns you are mixing and matching.
  3.      Don’t be afraid of color: we love the idea of mixing and matching prints with pops of color.  Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and add a splash of a moody color – like bold cobalt.
  4.      Use an odd number of pillows: this always seems to work out best – it’s a little bit more unpredictable.
  5.      Don’t forget about texture: to really create that layered and lived in look, think about silks, crushed velvets, and even wool or faux fur when choosing your pillows.




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