Spring Cleaning Tips


There’s nothing quite as refreshing as spring cleaning.  At Lily Lane Home, we love the idea of refreshing traditional staples with new fabrics, patterns, rugs, and or colors.  Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint, a new Dash & Albert rug, or incorporating some new spring and summer ready patterns into your décor, we certainly have a few tips to get you springing forward in no time.


  1.      Organize Your Closet: As daunting as this sounds, we feel so much better once it’s done!  Out with the old, in with the new, once you know what you have, you know what you need. Get rid of the items that are taking up too much space to make room for new treasures.                Image
  2.      Remove any stains and odors: are your rugs looking its best? Is your bedding in tip top shape?  Take in anything that needs to be repaired and cleaned to be mended, it will make you feel better taking care of the little things that all make up the big picture.  (*this includes cleaning your carpet!)
  3.      Clean your walls: you can run over a painted wall lightly with a sponge and soap and water.  Fresh clean walls will make any room truly shine.
  4.      Organize: reorganize the tops of dressers, tables, nightstands, and bookshelves.  Simply giving these spaces a simply update and arranging them differently can lift and alter an entire mood or space.
  5.      Get Rid of Clutter: this is important for any room.  If you have a stack of papers you need to go through, sort them.  If you have a pile of magazines in the corner that you’ve been meaning to read,  do so, and move on.  The longer these things sit around, the more weight they leave on you and the beauty of the room.




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