How To Get Lighting – Right

Image With so many options when it comes to light fixtures, how does one truly know how to get a room to shine? Do you choose something old or new? Do you choose a fixture with arms or go with a simplistic pendant? Should you choose a chandelier, floor lamp, or table lamp and how will these choices affect the mood and style of the room?   Lily Lane Home has compiled a few tips to tips to get your rooms shining in the most brilliant light possible.  Shop our lighting here.

  1. Determine what your lighting goals are: a lot of light is needed for a space like the kitchen, but if you’d like the bedroom to have a little ambiance, you might want to go with a softer light for that space. Again, in a home office, you may need more desk light to work on special projects, but in a space like a formal living room, you might want to rely upon a fabulous hanging fixture and natural light.                                                                                                                        
  2. Think about safety: you certainly want your exterior lights to give off enough light to be well lit for the safety of your home at night. Don’t forget about interior hallways as well, lighting is key in this space when is comes to preventing accidents when checking on the baby in the middle of the night!  Also, for nurseries, you definitely want a way to be able easily light the space at night without being to overwhelming.
  1. Mix it up! We’re big fans of options and love the idea of mixing a few different types of lighting to fit any mood. Maybe it’s a combination of a chandelier, a floor lamp, and a table lamp. You can use all of them or just a few! And, don’t forget about wall sconces and candlelight.
  1. Think about ceiling height- for high ceilings, recessed lighting with dimmers is often recommended. In these cases, you can often direct the light to where you’d like it to shine in your space. Dimmers are the perect way to create an obieance in your home and we recommend placing them on any major source of lighting in your home!
  1. Size matters: be cautious when choosing overhead lighting in a space. You need to make sure the chandelier is the right size for the space. Our rule of thumb is it’s often better to go a littler larger than smaller when it comes to picking out the perfect light fixture, the worst scenario is having too small of a light fixture for your space.  Light fixtures can make the perfect conversation piece don’t be afraid to make it a statement!



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