The Art of Coffee


What does the choice of a simple coffee cup tell about its owner?  Of course, understanding that the owner chose the pattern on his or her own or someone chose it for them based upon their personality, a coffee cup can tell a story of its own!   If one is a modernist, it’s assumed they might go with our Pewter Tea and Coffee Cup.  This piece will mix and blend well with almost any china pattern and it’s a stunning conversation piece.  Drinking your morning coffee out of a pewter mug?  C’est chic!  For the classicist (who would move into a Jane Austen novel if they could), we love the Quotidien coffee mug.  It’s simple, clean, and lovely.   For your most feminine friend, the Berry and Thread Coffee Cup is a must!  For a twist, purchase it in Ice Blue.  And, for the traditionalist, who dreams of a life in blue and white, we love the Country Estate – timeless and true.  See, how you sip your coffee does matter and you can assuredly do so stylishly with Lily Lane Home.




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