How to Build the Perfect Spring Bouquet


Fresh blooms can make any home instantly more stylish.  Here’s how to add a bit of chic to your home in a cinch.  Since spring is finally here, celebrate with bright colors and fresh bouquets.  Two spring flower favorites, which blend well, are ranunculus and peonies.   When purchasing peonies, make sure the buds are closed, as open peonies aren’t as fresh and don’t last long.  To encourage closed peonies to open, cut the stems each day at an angle each day.  Arrange the flowers in a beautiful vase (crystal preferably), we love this pitcher from Juliska.  The vase will look beautiful in any space of the home – from the kitchen, to the living room, or even a bedroom.  And, be sure to add a single flower in a small vase or glass for the powder room – guests will love this touch. Another tip: visit your local florists and even grocery stores and find out which day their floral shipments arrive to assure absolute freshness.


What’s your favorite spring bouquet?




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