Colors To Help Elevate Any Mood

French Bue Room - image from google - 4.29

There are certainly a variety of ways to help brighten your mood with color.  Here are just a few suggestions on ways you can bring a bit more brightness into your world!


  1. Paint your home or office: yellows and oranges fill a room with energy and excitement.  They may also improve focus!  For stress relief, try pastels like lavender and pinks.  These colors are soothing and can help create a sense of calm.
  2. Wear color: wear richer and brighter colors!  Putting on that bold blue sweater may instantly increase your own energy while positively reinforcing the mood of those around you.   During the winter months, people tend to wear darker clothing, but be sure to give your wardrobe a lift for spring and summer!
  3. Brighten up your plate: it’s said that the more colorful your plate is from a vegetable and fruit perspective, the healthier your meal will be!  Additionally, eating and smelling spices that are bold in color (like turmeric) is good for your mood as well. Fresh foods will make you look and feel great!
  4. Accessorize: you can brighten a tabletop or living room with simple cocktail napkins, colorful china and glasses, and even simply throw pillows.
  5. Light: Be sure to always work in well-lit spaces and choose to let in natural light when possible.  This will give you an instant boost of energy while elevating your mood!



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