Style Your Dresser


Dressers can be a place where we take off last night’s earrings, collect this past week’s receipts, and build up a collection of perfumes we don’t wear.  They are often overlooked, but dressers can be one of the loveliest spots to really decorate.   We’ve shared a few ideas on how you can give your dresser a makeover in one weekend!


  1. Center a framed piece of artwork or mirror at eye-level behind your dresser: this is a great way to bring beauty and focus to the space and draw attention to your tabletop!  A mirror can add more light and dimension to the space and it’s always a great place to put one of your favorite pieces of art.
  2. Fresh flowers: a dresser is always a beautiful place to display a fresh spring bouquet in a classic crystal vase.
  3. Decorative storage & trays: store your jewelry in antique jewelry boxes or repurposed containers.  It’s the perfect spot to display your loveliest organization containers and trays.
  4. Matching lamps: display your favorite matching lamps on top of the dresser.  It’s a great way to play with lighting – a softer light for evening!
  5. Photographs: the dresser is a great place to display your favorite photographs.  You can really pull out all of the stops here with some stunning picture frames.



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