Books: What We’re Reading


We’ve certainly been getting the travel itch for a weekend getaway. There’s nothing that says spring like long weekends by the lake or a quick trip to the beach or an exotic location.  If you are thinking of what to stash in your tote, on top of one of our favorite throw blankets, we have a few books that are on our reading list.


  1. The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt: This book just won the Pulitzer prize for fiction.  If it’s anything like Tartt’s award-winning The Secret History, readers are in for a treat!  Ever since reading about this book in The New York Times, it’s been at the top of our list!
  2. The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton: this book won the 2013 Booker Prize and was written by author Eleanor Catton when she was just 27.   This book is an interwoven tale of twelve individuals all connected in some way to the same crime – but nothing is as it seems.  This 800+ page turner will keep us busy for quite some time!
  3. Diana Vreeland-  Memos: The Vogue Years – Diana Vreeland: there is nothing quite as refreshing and humorous and the late Diana Vreeland’s memos to her staff.  Filled with photographs and the editor’s personal correspondence, this is a beautiful look in to the old world glamour of Manhattan fashion.
  4. The Florists Manual by William Scott: who doesn’t plan on dreaming up and creating the perfect English garden some day?  This flower manual has us dreaming of The Secret Garden and getting lost in a bed of roses.
  5. Paris: Portrait of a City:  This gorgeous coffee table book from Taschen is “the true family album of all Parisians” with over 500 photographs and more.




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