How To Throw A Stylish Baby Shower


We know there are a million ways to plan and throw a baby shower, but we thought we’d share some of our favorite tips we’ve come across here at Lily Lane Home.


  1. Set a Plan: though this may seem obvious, until you set a tentative plan and goals for yourself, planning any event can be overwhelming.  How many guests would you like to have?  How much time do you have to plan the event? How formal will the event be? Do you plan to host it by yourself?  Where would you like to host the event?  These are all questions you want to ask yourself before you even begin the planning process.  Did the mom reveal the gender of her child beforehand?
  2. Invitations: There are a myriad of ways one can send invitations today.  From custom invitations, to paper invitations from the store, to e-vites, invitations often set the tone for the shower.  Choose one that best fits the crowd and style of your event.
  3. Décor and Setup: will you need to rent anything for the shower?  How will you decorate?  We recommend planning your floral arrangements and other big decorative centerpieces and then planning the table settings and/or buffet tables around those designs.  Sometimes simple bouquets are just as gorgeous as ornate floral designs – so keep this in mind when choosing your designs. Candy can also make a great decoration too – and serves another purpose!
  4. Seating: seating is something you really want to think about when planning a shower.  Be sure that all elderly friends and relatives will be taken into account first as well as any other expecting moms.  If you need to rent seating, be sure to do so.
  5. Party Favors: don’t forget the party favors!  From personalized matchbooks, to notepads with pens and papers, sometimes a functional gift is best.
  6. Pretty Place Settings: what will each guest’s plate and napkin look like?  What details will you add? 
  7. Food and Drink: Plan the menu!  Be sure to make sure that you have the appropriate utensils for each item you serve.  Sometimes finger foods are best for these types of occasions.  Will you serve alcohol at the event?  Be sure you have alternative beverages available for guests who do not wish to drink cocktails or wine.
  8. The Activity: Sometimes showers include fun games and events before unwrapping the gifts.  Reach out to close friends and guests beforehand for ideas!


What have been some of your favorite baby shower activities?





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