Throw a Festive Summer Cocktail Party


We love summer cocktail parties!  And, the best part is, you don’t have to throw a dinner party to pull a group together.  We love the idea of having friends over on a warm summer evening for cocktails and appetizers.  To make the fete memorable….


  1. Choose an Invitation: For something casual like a summer cocktail party, we love the idea of sending a fun Paperless post invitation!  Invite friends over for appetizers and margaritas with an e-vite.  The fun colors and ease of the response will set the casual tone of the evening.
  2. Plan your Cocktail List: Try an innovative margarita (maybe something like you haven’t tried before) and offer a regular one – how fun is a margarita bar on a hot summer night?
  3. Bold Colors: we love the idea of colorful napkins, glassware, and plates for a fun event like this.  Make the evening bold and festive!
  4. Music: Pick a fun playlist to set the tone for the event.  Check out Bossa Nova music for the perfect summer samba.
  5. Appetizers: Guacamole and queso should be at the top of your list- but don’t be afraid of throwing together chicken nachos, mini tacos, and ceviche.  These are all heavier apps that will leave guests feeling full.  If you do want to venture into food, try kabobs!


Cheers to summer parties!




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