5 Housewarming Gift Ideas


It’s the season of pool parties, family reunions, house warming parties, and fun evenings with friends.  When it comes to a gift for a host or hostess, sometimes a bottle of wine just doesn’t cut it.  We’ve shared some ideas from Lily Lane Home to be sure you gift your host or hostess with an item they’ll remember!



1. Bella Notte Olivia Guest Towels: These Olivia Guest towels offer a floral delicacy sure to delight any host or hostess.  We can monogram them at Lily Lane Home too!

2. Juliska Graham Stemless White Wine: For a housewarming, we love the idea of gifting two of these crystal wine glasses from Juliska.  Your host or hostess will like them so much, they’re sure to be the start of their own collection! 

3.  Bella Notte Linen Napkins: How about giving the gift of four or more linen napkins from Bella Notte?  They are available in a variety of colors and will surely be put to good use. 

4. Dish Towel: How about the gift of a beautiful dish towel? As this is displayed in their kitchen, they’ll think of you! 

5.  Dash and Albert Tote: These Dash and Albert Totes are gifts that keep on giving.  They are bright, durable, and entirely functional.  They’ll be hooked. 





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