How To Shop For A Headboard


Often you can have any time of bed and it will work in nearly any room, but the headboard can really make or break a space.  Here are some things to think about when choosing a bedroom:

  1. How big is the space?  How much room do you have for the headboard?  Take both height and width of the wall into account.  The larger the room, the larger the headboard can be without swallowing the room visually.
  2. What is your décor style in the bedroom? Do you want something simple?  Wooden? Tufted?  Also, take color into account. Do you want the color to pop or to act as a neutral?  Modern? Traditional? Vintage?


A few of our favorites….

For an ornate headboard, shop our Tufted Headboard at Lily Lane Home.

For something simple and understated, shop our Wood Cane Headboard.  

For a timeless classic, shop our French Upholstered headboard.


We hope this gives you a great start!





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