How to Write the Perfect Thank You Note



It’s the season of entertaining and nothing expresses gratitude quite like a handwritten thank you note.  There is an art to the perfect thank you note and we’ve done our research to share the very best of the best tips to make sure you dot your i’s in style.


Tips for the perfect thank you note with charm:

  1. Make sure it’s handwritten. As much as we love the darling designs of paperless post, there’s something so meaningful when one receives a handwritten note.  It’s all about taking the time to say you care!
  2. Purchase Stationery: when shopping for stationery, you end up with notecards that express your own personal style or the look and feel you hope to convey.
  3. Personalize the note: make references to the past, future, or moments you’ve had with the individual.  Don’t just make it any ordinary thank you note – show that it was personalized just for this individual!
  4. Better Late Than Never: even if it feels a bit late, it’s better to send a note a bit later than you would have liked than none at all.
  5. Take Your Time: make sure your writing is pretty or at least legible.
  6. Send Notes for Casual Things: maybe a neighbor picked up your mail for you while you were out of town, maybe a friend dropped by a cup of warm soup and ginger ale when you were sick, no matter the reason- a little note goes a long way!





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