10 Simple Ways to Relax and Reduce Stress



The work week can take its toll on all of us and even the duties of family life.  With summer right around the corner, we’re sharing some quick and simple ways to reduce stress and relax.  This can lead to better creativity and work, while of course, promoting health.


  1. Work On Your Breathe: We’re often so hurried, we forget to truly breathe and focus on our breathe.  Take a few moments a day to work on your breathing and take the time to fill up your lungs.  Get the air from your lungs, all the way down into the belly.  


  1. Meditate: Take a few minutes a day to meditate and focus your thoughts, clearing your mind.  This helps ease anxiety, refocus thoughts, and may make you more resilient to stress.


  1. Be Present: In a world of multitasking, we often don’t prioritize the need to be in the now as we check emails, answer our phone, finish an order, and make tea in the back room.  Think about this moment, be purposeful in your actions, and use your senses to take in the sights, sounds, feelings, and things around you.


  1. Connect: reach out to those around you, even if it’s with a smile!  Conversing with friends, family, and other individuals can help ease stress and anxiety.  Even holding the door open for a stranger, can elevate the mood.


  1. Tune In To Yourself: notice how you feel each day, which things may be triggering your stress and anxiety, and see if there are times or days of the week that make you feel most anxious.  Be aware of how stress affects you.


  1. Physical Decompression: focus on massage, hot towels, warm salt baths, yoga, and calming music.  Even certain scents like lavender can ease away stress and tension.  For some, it could be writing in a journal or taking a short nap.  Whatever relaxes you and makes you feel stronger, be sure to make health and relaxation a daily priority.






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