How To Keep A Journal – the Simple Way


Keeping a journal is always something that sounds like a wonderful idea until it often comes down to writing it.  We are often exhausted from the day and are anxious to get to sleep, the last thing we want to do might be to relive our day through writing.  However, there are ways you can reflect on your day and week without making it too tiresome, but still reap the benefits from journaling.  Here are a few of our tips:

–       Bullet Points: You can simple write a list of 3-5 things that happened to you each day.  Maybe it was a quote, a special memory, something that happened that left a mark on you.  You don’t have to write a story, but the most important piece.

–       Keep It Visible: Keep your journal in a spot that makes it accessible.  Maybe it’s on your nightstand, maybe it’s right next to the bathtub, whatever makes you grab it with ease.

–       Don’t Skip Too Many Days: try to journal every day, or every other day, but try not to miss more than 2 days of journaling to keep you on track.

–       Physical versus Computer: a physical notebook seems to work better than a computer and doesn’t feel so much like “work.”  It’s a great way to separate work from release.

–       Journal Before Your Day:  it’s often nice to journal in the morning before you start your day, it’s a great way to reflect on the previous day and set your intentions for the current day.

–       Set A Reminder! Sometimes it’s helpful to set a daily reminder on your phone or calendar to journal.

–       Look back on your week: it’s nice to look back on your week over the weekend and see what you accomplished.  Could you have used your time more wisely? Which days were more productive than others?   Which were your favorite days?


Now, start journaling!






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