Five Ways To Spark Creativity

Friday- 5-30   Sometimes,  we could all use a little bit of rejuvenation.  We loved these tips NPR shared on how to help spark creativity!

1. Take a shower.A seemingly mindless task like showering might help foster creativity. Downtime seems to reset the brain – that’s what makes a lazy Sunday so great!

  1. Work In A Blue Room: Blue enhances the feelings of peace and tranquility.  The color allows us to relax and helps to ignite the imagination.
  2. Live Abroad: People who lived abroad performed better on creative problems and tasks. Adapting to a new culture may spur some sort of psychological transformation that enhances creativity.
  3. Watch a Funny Video: Mood matters when it comes to creativity.  Anxiety focuses a person, but good cheer and contentment liberate creativity. It “might not just relax your scope of interest, but actually broaden it further,” allowing you to look at a problem in new ways and come up with a solution, says Beeman.
  4. Sleep on It:  Sleep helps repair damage to the body and brain and allows us to generate new ideas.  Sleep allows us to consolidate memories and that reorganizes our thoughts – much like reorganizing books on a bookshelf.

Read more on NPR here.  



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