Clean and Preserve Your Precious Wedding Day Pieces


Wedding season is in full swing! Did you know you can clean and preserve your precious wedding pieces with one of our favorite lines – The Laundress?   From bridal gowns to grooms’ suits, proper and timely care will ensure that these cherished pieces last a lifetime.
Here are a few tips they’ve shared on their blog


The honeymoon period with your wedding dress is one that never fades, so washing and cleaning after your walk down the aisle is essential in maintaining its picture perfect appearance.

Spot Treat Stains:

Effortlessly remove stains from makeup to cake with the Wash & Stain Bar – appropriate for all fabric types and colors. Visit our Stain Removal super source here for more Tips & Tricks.


As veils are typically made of silks or delicate synthetic blends like silk chiffon or silk-blend tulle, they can often be cared for at home.


Soak in a bath of tepid water with Delicate Wash. We’ve got a completeRecipe for Washing Silks & Delicates you can reference.

Dry & Finish:

Lay flat to air dry and steam while damp to restore luster and remove wrinkles.


Last minute primping before strutting down the aisle is a must. Spritz their dresses with Static Solution to keep everything in place.


Mist dress shirts and suits with Crease Release to ensure his outfit is tidy and wrinkle-free.



Once fully cleaned, wrap the gown in an acid-free tissue and store in a large box that provides maximum protection from light and is large enough to minimize the number of folds of the garment.

For Professional Care:

Tough stains or indecipherable fabric content? Sometimes you realize your wedding wear is best left to the professionals. We recommend J. Scheer & Co, the crème de la crème of wedding preservation services, or Slate NYC for white glove laundry, dry cleaning and tailoring services.


1. Wash & Stain Bar | 2. Crease Release | 3. Static Solution | 4. Delicate Wash




* post from The Laundress blog

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