How To Care For Rugs

Blog post 6

Like everything well used and loved,Dash and Albert indoor/outdoor rugs can get dirty after a time.Their rugs are made from polypropylene. And, according to Dash and Albert’s website,these rugs can be hosed, scrubbed and bleached. However, they are not meant for machine washing or drying.

For rugs that are indoor/outdoor (*be sure to try this on rugs made of polypropylene only – not natural materials like cotton, wool)

  1. Drag your rug outside, preferably to a back deck.
  2. Hose it down as good as you can, it should be wet.
  3. In sections, spray a cleaning spray and let it sit for just a minute.
  4. Scrub it with a brush (suds are good)
  5. Hose it down again until you no longer see soap
  6. Leave your rug to dry outdoors




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