5 Ways to Detox Your Home



Think detoxing is just for your diet?  Try detoxing your home as well.  As we can tend to spend more time indoors on extremely hot days, it’s the perfect time to give your home a bit of cleaning – the healthy way.  We love these FIVE detox tips from The Laundress.  



All-Purpose Bleach Alternative 
is 100% sodium percarbonate, chlorine-free, and oxygen based, making it family, pet, and food safe. Formulated without artificial dye, it’s also color friendly!
Chlorine Bleach
contains blue dye for colorant and hydrogen peroxide which agitates skin. Not to mention, its scent is strong and abrasive.


 All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate
is composed of plant-derived anionic and nonionic surfactants for optimal cleaning performance. The soil dispersant sodium gluconate boosts cleaning power and its No247 fragrance makes it pleasurable to the senses.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner
contains hydrogen chloride which is known to be corrosive to eyes and skin.



Scented Vinegar
is our corn derived, 100% natural vinegar. Known for its powerful cleaning properties that fight buildup, odor, and germs, vinegar’s all-natural cleaning properties combined with the two-ply copper threads of the Copper Cloth will leave your oven flawless.
Traditional Oven Cleaner
contains sodium hydroxide and ethanol both of which are immediate hazards upon contact and are deemed hazardous substances in numerous states. These harsh ingredients can damage aluminum and painted surfaces as well.



Home Spray
freshens the room with minimal ingredients- deionized water, alcohol, essential oils, and fragrance. Completely free of phosphates and allergen causing materials, the Home Spray has antibacterial properties and is safe on fabrics!
Common Air Fresheners
tend to contain sodium phosphate which causes skin irritation and negatively impacts surface water, not to mention their scents are often overbearing.




Glass & Mirror Cleaner
contains streak-free cleaning enhancers derived from corn. Its sans-fragrance formula ensures residue-free results and high performance glucoside effortlessly removes dirt and grime.
Traditional Glass Cleaners
have minimal to no cleaning enhancers and contain derivatives of formaldehyde as a wetting agent. Not only is this harmful to skin and eyes, it’s also hazardous to the environment. Artificial dyes can also leave behind residue and stain fabrics.

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