How to Choose a Dust Ruffle

Dust Ruffle satin


Choosing a dust ruffle can often be a daunting feat.  Do you choose something simple?  Do you add a pop of color?  What fabric do you choose?  We have a variety of styles available at Lily Lane Home from Bella Notte.  For someone more glamorous, choose a gorgeous satin.  For something more simple and timeless, a simple linen will do.  If you want to add a bit of print to any look, we recommend the Pennelope. For character, try the two-tone look of Valentina.

Reasons to invest in a dust ruffle?

1. Storage: it’s a great way to hide containers under the bed!

2. Keeping the floor clean: the dust ruffle can help keep the space under the bed clean, especially for wood floors!

3. Stylish: the dust ruffle can add a bit of flair to any bed or simply complement the overall look

Let us know which one you choose!



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