How To Style A Coffee Table


From Golden White Decor

Truth: there are some fantastic coffee tables out there. How does one approach

choosing how to decorate one? Where do you begin? And, then, there is that

balance between a coffee table looking too sparse and being overly cluttered. We’ve

included a few tips to help you with styling!


1. Consider Your Style: are you a traditionalist? Modernist? Somewhere in

between? Let your coffee table tomes speak the same language. Whether you

choose books on Renaissance Art or your favorite Andy Warhol paintings,

you are sure to build a collection to support any taste or style. Don’t be afraid

to make the table super simple.


2. Choose Your Color Palette: are you keeping things neutral? Bold? Pops of

color? Be sure this is reflected in the items you choose to showcase.


3. Pick a Tray: As you know trays become the center of everything and they

help with organization. They can hold books, candles, a great vase, and more.


4. Statement Piece: don’t be afraid to make a statement with your coffee table

– stack eye-catching books for a beautiful addition to any room. Add a vase

with flowers or different sized vases for variety.


5. Be whimsical: the coffee table can very well be your conversation piece. Add

a collection of matchbooks, a unique object, or things you’ve collected on

your travels to keep things interesting.




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