Brighten Summer Whites with The Laundress


Has summer taken its toll on your favorite white pieces? Here’s your favorite way to brighten up the summer season’s favorite white. The Laundress blog shares a few ways to keep your white jeans, t-shirts, and more looking their finest.

Pretreat, Pretreat, & Pretreat Some More: Nothing is a greater eye sore than an unsightly stain on your white clothing. Banish discoloration by applying a paste of Stain Solution and All-Purpose Bleach Alternative to the soiled area and pour hot water onto the mixture. For frustrating stains on collars, cuffs, and straps, break out the Wash & Stain Bar, lather in water, and work it into the fabric.

It’s All About The Soak: To achieve the brightest white for your clothing, soaking is the most important step! Letting items sit in a bath of hot water and All-Purpose Bleach Alternative after pretreating will help lift stains while brightening. This method is suitable for durable fabrics such as cotton, linen, and denim. Bleach Alternativeshould not be used on silk, woolens, or leathers.

Launder with Whites Detergent: To retain whiteness during your weekly laundering routine, wash with Whites Detergent. Formulated with natural bleach alternative and stain fighting enzymes, this detergent is an easy way to achieve that pristine clean.

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