How to Style An Office


Some days, work can be so much better when you love the environment you are in – even if it’s just for a day. To make lessen the workday blues, try enlivening your office environment. Today, we’re sharing a few ways to personalize your work space and to make it more comfortable and friendly.



  1. Accessories: These can be a unique tray for the desk, a chic pencil holder, a picture frame of your loved ones, or your favorite note pad or journal.

We recommend: How about trying the Jardins du Monde Canister for storage? 


  1. Fragrance: We know we’re constantly reiterating the importance of fragrance, but it can really set the tone of any space! If you tend to work in a stressful environment, try a lavender candle. If you’d like something a bit more comforting, try a gardenia or floral scent. And, to remind you of your next hike, try something woodsy or even ocean inspired- like sea salt! If you work in an office and can’t burn candles, bring a little pure oil with you to work and keep it in your desk. If you need an afternoon pick-me-up, put a few drops on the sides of your neck and wrists, we promise it helps!

We recommend: Juliska Fig and Bergamot – warm up to fall! 


  1. Music: Listen to calming music if your day is getting too hectic. If you really have a to-do list to accomplish, we recommend some classical music to keep you in the spirit. And, if the weekend is right around the corner, how about your favorite jazz and blues?

We recommend: Spotify!


  1. Decorative Items: Particularly if you have a home office, rugs, pillows, and throw blankets are a great way to add personality to any space or even a great armchair. Additionally, photography and artwork can bring a sense of home to the work environment. Surround yourself with the work of some of your favorite artists and be inspired!

We recommend: The Bella Notte Loulah Throw Blanket has our vote! 


  1. Flowers: Bringing a bit of the outdoors- indoors is instantly calming! Take a bit of inspiration from the season and bring your favorite blooms to your desk. Get in the fall spirit with rich pumpkin colors, mustards, or berries. And, of course, we love finding ways to incorporate pine and crimson blooms into the space around the holidays. Crimson and burgundy are a few of the favorite colors this fall season.

We recommend: Find out the day your local grocer receives many of their floral deliveries and get first pick!




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