The ABC’s of Baby Stains


Babies are simply the sweetest – we at The Laundress love them so much that we even created a collection catering specifically to their oh-so-soft skin! While we can’t get enough of their smiles, chuckles, and blooming little personalities, we can’t say that we love cleaning up diaper messes (and the diaper messes that accidentally get on their onesies and other clothing). Luckily, lifting these unpleasant stains from baby’s mini wardrobe is as easy as ABC.

Learn our ABCs of baby bathroom stain removal, so you can spend less time on damage control and more time kissing those rosy cheeks!
Apply Stain Solution directly to the soiled fabric.

Bleach Alternative should then be sprinkled onto the Stain Solution and worked into the fabric with a Stain Brush. Pour hot water onto the mixture to active the Bleach Alternative beads.

Create a bath of hot water and 1 capful of Bleach Alternative and let the item soak for at least 30 minutes. This step should only be used on cottons and linens.

ONE! After completing your stain removal ABCs, finish by laundering the garment with the ultra-gentle Baby Detergent in hot water. We recommend choosing the longest cycle to ensure the most thorough clean. Tumble dry low.




Learn more on The Laundress blog here.




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