Partner’s Card Top 5 Gift Guide

partners card 2014

Here at Lily Lane Home, we are honored to participate in Partners Card and give back to The Family Place! Partners Card begins October 24th-Novembe 2nd this year and we wanted to provide a few gift ideas for your holiday shopping!  Enjoy 20% off for TEN days at Lily Lane Home.


  1. Bella Notte: update your bedding or purchase a throw.
  2. Juliska: these make great everyday gifts or hostess gifts.
  3. Dash and Albert: a tote or throw is the perfect holiday gift from Dash and Albert.
  4. The Laundress: for a new mom, family, or a student, gifting someone products from The Laundress can be a fantastic way to introduce them to the line. (link to the laundress)
  5. Lily Lane Home Fragrance: if you haven’t tried our fragrance, we invite you to stock up on candles, room sprays, and more during Partners Card. This scent is a great stocking stuffer too!

Order your Partners Card here.



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