Get Organized This Fall


Yes, we’ all know about spring cleaning, but how about getting rid of clutter before the holidays? Here are some quick simple ways to keep your home and work space tidy this fall.


  1. Be selective about what you are bringing in the home: it’s the season of gift bags, fall mailers, and more. Be selective about the things you keep and what you bring into your home to begin with when you receive these items. It’s nice to get freebies, but if you don’t see yourself using and enjoying it, pass it along to someone who will or donate it to a shelter.
  2. Find every item a home: one reason it’s easy for things to pile up on shelves and countertops is that they don’t have a usual place. Whether it’s storage or a special place on your desk, reduce piles and clutter by finding a place for every item and making room for it when space doesn’t currently exist.
  3. Get to the root of the problem: if there is a space in your home that tends to frequently pile up with clutter, get to the bottom of why that is happening. If you don’t have a space for the items to begin with, it could be why you are constantly placing them on the end table or kitchen counter.
  4. Sometimes storage is not the answer: don’t just go out and buy more containers. First, de-clutter your items, go through what you don’t need, and then make a decision regarding storage containers.
  5. Remember 80/20 when it comes to clothing: you wear 20% of your clothes, 80% of the time. Go through the items you don’t need and beware of nostalgia. If you think someone else could enjoy the item – spread the love! There’s no use keeping something in your closet to collect dust and take up space.


Happy cleaning!




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