Easy Ways to Boost Your Mood


It is Friday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep these mood boosting tricks in mind. These tips are geared to boost your mood and happiness!

  1. Flip through photos: looking at personal photos has been found to make you feel happier than chocolate, a cocktail, or even listening to music! Whether you flip through some fun photos on your phone or computer or keep a special album at work, this is a proven mood booster!
  2. Open your shades: Fresh light can always lift any mood. Open up those shades or go for a quick walk outdoors on your lunch break.
  3. Exercise: go for a quick walk or run. Exercise is proven to reduce stress and release endorphins – feel good hormones!
  4. Inhale a calming scent: whether you keep a lavender candle at work or aromatherapy oil in your desk, just one quick whiff can reduce anxiety and calm your nerves.
  5. Clear away clutter: too much around you can reduce mental clarity and cause anxiety. Work in a clean, bright, clear mood for clarity.
  6. Smile: sometimes putting on a happy face and ultimately change your mood. Sometimes seeing is believing and saying “I’m going to be happy today” and starting with that intention, can brighten your entire day!



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