Cozy Up To Fall at Home


With the higher temperatures we’ve seen the past few weeks here in Dallas, it might be a little bit hard to get into the fall spirit. Yes, we have the pumpkins, the beautiful orange Juliska patterns, the fragrances, but we’re still yearning for sweater weather and fall foliage. We have a few ideas that might make it seem a bit more like autumn – if not only in the comfort of your home!


* From Julia Lake Parties

  1. Decorate Pumpkins: There are so many ways to decorate pumpkins. They make for great table centerpieces. We love these ideas shared by Julia Lake Parties for a barn dinner she threw last autumn. So inspiring!


  1. Dash and Albert Blankets: There’s nothing quite like snuggling on the couch with a great blanket from Dash and Albert. Grab a favorite mug of hot tea, put on your favorite pajamas, and enjoy the Dash and Albert Throw Blankets.


  1. Fragrance: Enjoy our new Lily Lane Home signature fragrance. It’s soft, but warm and welcoming. From potpourri to candles, you’ll find the perfect amount of scent for every space.


  1. Movies: Some of our favorite fall movies are: Sleepless in Seattle, Autumn in New York, When Harry Met Sally, and Pride and Prejudice (2006). There’s something clasically romantic about this time of year!


  1. Spa: Plan a trip to the spa and pamper yourself! This is a great time of year for pumpkin facials, rhubarb scrubs, rich fig body products, and more. Check your favorite local spas for specials.




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