Introducing – Kevin Turner from Juliska!


Today, we’re introducing Kevin Turner, our fabulous Juliska sales representative for Lily Lane Home.  We always look forward to Kevin’s visits at the store and thought it would be fun to share some of his insights, vision, inspirations, and background with you. We also would like to invite you to meet Kevin on October 28th from 1pm-5pm at the store.


LLH: What is your role at Juliska? How long have you been with the company?


KT: I am the Territory Sales Manager for the Northern Part of Texas and the State of Louisianna.  I have been with them for 2 years.


LLH: What are your favorite things about working for Juliska?


KT: The Design elements of the beautiful product they produce as well as the energy and commitment to their customers.  There is such a chicness to the design elements of the line and real love for what is created.


LLH: What’s your favorite Juliska pattern? Do you have favorite pieces of your own?


KT:   I am fond of all that we do, but am particularly fond of the Pewter Stoneware.  I do have a lot of pieces and have to admit the selection is sort of across the board.  Favorite pieces are the Bakeware.


LLH: What are a few of your favorite go-to Juliska gifts?


KT: I really love to give our Bohemian Glass as Gifts.  The variety of options, from Stemless Wine Glasses to our wonderful Vase Collection, there is always something unique for every gift recipient.


LLH: When it comes to holiday style, what are your favorite ways to celebrate with Juliska?


KT: Again, I love the mixing of our items with Pewter Stoneware.  Depending on whether it is for Thanksgiving, using our Beautiful Country Estate/Pumpkin items and then as the December Holidays roll around, changing out the Pumpkin color pieces for the charm of our Country Estate/Ruby.  Always trying new pieces layered, depending on the celebration.


LLH: What are some out of the box ways to mix and match Juliska that may not be apparent?


KT: It is always fun to layer and mix Each of the collections with other collections.  Our new Acanthus is so beautiful mixed with the Jardin Du Monde pieces and also so charming when mixed with the Firenze Pieces.  Creating different Personal Statements, so that the table always seems fresh and charming.  I love using our pieces for not traditional usages.  Such as our wonderful “Pet” collection bowls for different uses.  Our small Pet Bowl is terrific as a Wine Coaster, Crème Brulee bowl and a nut bowl.  Our largest Pet Bowl makes for a terrific Side Dish Bowl for a couple of servings.  All of our Ceramics are Freezer/Oven safe.  The fun thing about our Pet Bowls is that there is no specific “Pet” to the design, there is just the beauty of the Berry & Thread Elements that make them so charming.  Our new items from the Pewter Stoneware Collection have a very nice Small Tray, which is so charming as a Bread/Side Plate.



LLH:  What can we expect to come from Juliska? Any news on new arrivals?


KT: One of the great things about working with this Company is that there is always wonderful new surprises each season.  Just a sneak for Spring is wonderful new introductions in a few of our best selling collections.  Stay Tuned!

We hope you will join us at a meet and greet with Kevin at Lily Lane Home on October 28th from 1-5 p.m.!




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