The Perfect Guest Room


How do you take care of guests when they come to visit? We like to make guests feel right at home here at Lily Lane Home and at our own abodes. Here are just a few tips and tricks when it comes to accommodating house guests in the very best ways:


  1. Ask them ahead of time about any food allergies or dietary restrictions that would be important to know about
  2. Be sure there is water in the room where they are staying, it might be nice to also leave a basket or even a Dash and Albert Tote filled with a few snacks and essentials. Essentials might include, but are not limited to: Advil, Bandaids, shampoo and conditioner, lotion, and mouthwash.23e038e8ac22fe8e4445c3ffff61bf91
  3. In the bathroom: it might be nice to leave some extra facewash, a brush, tissues, and a robe and slippers to make their visit extra comfy! Contact solution and a contact case are nice as well – and don’t forget a bar of soap!





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