How Much To Serve At A Party


If you are like us, you always make too much of everything – because as we’ve been told – you’d rather have too much than not enough! Then, you are stuck with too much perishable food in the fridge, too many cookies to stay in the same clothing size, or you are pushing plates of food and plastic containers of leftovers on your guests when they leave – “no really, PLEASE take this pumpkin pie!”

We’ve all been there. It was exciting to stumble upon this PIN (of all things) on Pinterest that shares a little bit of direction on how much to make depending on the size of your party. We would’ve never thought to actually LOOK something like this up, so we are glad this graphic found us. And, the fact that they also included the time and length of the party (by the hour) is an added bonus. Again, who knew this type of data existed??

All we know, is this is PERFECT timing for the holiday season – we’re going to make JUST the right amount of sugar cookies (that’s what we’re telling ourselves anyway).





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