The Laundress: Holiday Food Stains

Chef shirt 2

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we wanted to share a few tips from The Laundress on how NOT to freak out when we spill cranberry sauce on our silk top (again) this year.


Excerpt from The Laundress


  1. Calm down. The last thing you want to lose when Uncle Johnny spills gravy on your shirt is your cool. “Nothing irritates me more than someone who spills at the table and then starts soaking themselves in water,” Whiting says. “It makes me insane.”
  2. Wait a minute. You don’t really have to fix the stain right then and there, contrary to what you might have heard. Whiting says, “sooner than later is better, but not at the moment. That night, the next day, whatever.”
  3. Heat it up. “Fundamentally, hot water is the best way of getting out stains,” Whiting says. “People think that hot water sets in stains, and that’s just not correct.” So how do you use hot water to your advantage? “Just soak it. Hot water, get some chemicals [i.e. detergent] in there and go for it.” And then, wash the stain out in your next spin cycle.
  4. Realize you don’t need professional help. You can clean most stains by yourself, and unless you’ve spilled Sancerre on something that’s marked dry-clean only, there’s absolutely no need to rush off to the dry cleaners. “Dry cleaners will set in the stain,” Whiting says. “I’m talking 100 percent: Linen, cotton, polyester, everything that should be washed should be treated in that manner. We have a lot of clients who run to the cleaners because they freak out and they end up in a worse situation.”

Of course, if you freak out and want really detailed and specific instructions on how to remove stains, The Laundress has those, too. At any rate, Happy holidays from our stain-riddled dining room table to yours!


So, what happens if you DO stain your blouse? Shop our full collection of The Laundress here. 




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