2015 – A Clean Slate with The Laundress



Start 2015 off on a clean slate with a few of our favorite winter cleaning essentials from The Laundress at Lily Lane Home. First and foremost, their Signature Detergent is a must-have in any laundry room.  This magical detergent cleans your clothing so gently, it still looks brand new.  We’d even suggest trying it on some of your dry-clean only items and then hang them to dry – you might be surprised at the result! As for the denim wash, ’tis the season for dark denim jeans and jackets.  Wash them luxuriously with the special formula from The Laundress to keep that indigo glowing. The Stain Solution is always great to keep on hand for any accidental disasters.  And, keep your wool and cashmere in top shape with the Wool & Cashmere Shampoo.

Shop them here!

Signature Detergent / Denim Wash / Stain Solution / Wool & Cashmere Shampoo





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