Wedding Wednesday: When to Ask HIS Opinion



Ok, we get it. Now that the engagement has happened and wedding planning has begun and the world of home decor and more is simply a click away, it’s easy to personally take control of the wedding registry. After all, he doesn’t care about pillows, right?  He won’t care if you get that pink set of silk sheets you’ve always been wanting from Bella Notte — right?  Truly, the right thing to do would be to initially ask him what he’d decisions he’d like or care to be a part of and what he will allow you to run with when it comes to picking out your wedding gift wish list.  Then, if you do end up with lilac mixing bowls, you can say – hey, you didn’t care!  And, at the end of the day, it can be fun to pick things together and even compromise.

A few ideas we had that might be wise to run past the groom when it comes to registering for your wedding are:

– Setting the bar: maybe he’d love to have a say in this – or pick everything out!

– The duvet, sheets, and bedding: you can get away with choosing the throw pillows – we said so

– Dinnerware: though he may not care about choosing a china pattern, he might request particular dishes.  We know men love mugs, cups, and might have a certain size of bowl they like (we’ve found bigger is better).

– Silverware: it’s at least nice to ask

– Knives: if you have a man that’s active in the kitchen – trust us, they have a preference!

Married? What was your experience like with your wedding registry? Did we miss anything? Do you have any advice to share?

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