Tips and Tricks Tuesday: Present Wrapping Ideas

striped gift wrap

Bright Striped Gift Wrap

With Valentine’s Day, baby showers, engagement parties, wedding showers, and more on the horizon – we’re sharing a few ways to have a little fun with wrapping your gift this year!

For Valentine’s Day:

Try Bright Striped Gift Wrap!

“Bright stripes revive even your lamest wrap attempt much better than a sad pile of scissor-curled ribbon. Use fluorescent artist’s tape or plastic lacing (that stuff you braided into key chains during recess as a kid). Colors really sizzle when they’re contrasted against paper in a rich, muted shade, like brown or mustard, or a more organic texture, such as a marbled pattern (top right). Tiny cards with matching envelopes make nice gift tags, or you can multipurpose some mini sticky notes for a neat postmodern touch.”  – martha stewart

* Lily Note: Tie your favorite chocolate onto the striped piece to make this gift extra sweet.

woven ribbon wrap

For A Bridal Shower:

Try Woven Ribbon Wrap!

“Here’s our idea of thinking outside the box: interweaving ribbons to dress up a gift. The weaving begins with a single ribbon stretched across the top of the package, its loose ends fixed to the bottom with double-sided tape.” – martha stewart

* Lily Note:  Wrap your gift in the bride’s favorite colors!


custom print wrapping

For A Baby Shower:

Try Custom Print/Stamped Wrapping Paper! 

“Custom-print your own wrapping paper using plain old rubber stamps. For a look that’s contemporary, not scrapbooky, stick to clean, graphic shapes and patterns, and press beyond common color combos: Try celery ink on olive paper or shimmery gold on natural kraft paper. You can also stamp names in block letters (or write them with a matching gel pen).”  – martha stewart

* Lily Note: we love the idea of using baby stamps like ducks, trucks, and more on a pastel palette!





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