Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Dress Inspiration


Vera Wang

An entire wedding’s style and tone is often set by the gown.  Many brides choose the gown first to have a better idea of just what their wedding is going to look like. If you are someone who is drawn to a multitude of styles, this can prove to be a difficult task.  We have a few recommendations when it comes to choosing your wedding gown.

1. Pull pictures – if there’s a particular style or dress you are drawn to, this can often shine through when you pull images of dresses and gowns you like.

2. Thing of something you will love now and later – do be mindful of the fact that your wedding photos will be around for a long time. Pick a dress that you don’t mind looking at throughout your lifetime!

3. Go shopping – this is the time to shop until you drop! Visit department stores, boutiques, and get an idea of all kinds of dresses.  It’s best to see wedding gowns in person. Photographs often don’t do them justice! And, be sure to try on dresses that might be a bit out of your comfort zone or you aren’t really sure about on the rack. You truly don’t know sometimes until you try something on!

4. Get familiar with designers – check out designer’s collections online.  If there’s a designer you are drawn to time and time again, make sure you find a place that carries the line and go see it in person.

5. Read – catch up on wedding blogs and magazines for the latest wedding inspiration.  You might even see images of things you don’t want to do!

What advice would you share when it comes to choosing a wedding gown?



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