The Right Mix of High and Low Style




Getting the right mix of high and low…..

What are some tips and tricks when it comes to getting just the right balance of high and low style at home?  Lily Lane Home shares a few ideas on where it may be best to save and splurge, but still have the right balance of beauty in any interior space.


Light fixtures: these are pieces that you can truly have for your entire life.  When you move, you can move them with you, so don’t be afraid to spend a bit more than you’d like on fixtures.

Upholstery Pieces: a good eye can spot cheap fabric from a mile away – it’s true.  Invest in beautiful upholstery when it comes to couches and chairs – they can really make a room and you can really see the difference. They don’t fade and wear as easily, so you won’t be having to replace that couch as frequently as you would with one of a lesser expense.

Paint: Invest in nice paint! You can really tell the difference when it comes to colors and pigment.  You will never regret investing in high quality paint from brands like Benjamin Moore, Farrow & Ball, Ralph Lauren, and more.


Accessories: invest in pillows, fun art prints, coffee table books, and trays – these are great ways to add personality to any space! If you want to add a bit of whimsy or trendiness to a room, pillows and fabric are a great way to do it.

Coffee Table: invest in looks when it comes to coffee tables, not on price tags.  You can get a really nice coffee table that looks expensive for a few hundred dollars.  We recommend looking at vintage options as well. You can paint wooden coffee tables for an entirely different look.  The biggest point is to make sure it flows with the room or space.



On the Fence:

Rugs: rugs are pieces you should make your own educated decision on regarding cost. If it’s going to be highly used by pets, children, or in a room where there’s a lot of entertaining, you might want to choose a beautiful mid-range rug like Dash and Albert (who also offers indoor and outdoor rugs) that clean well.  If you are wanting something for a more formal room or master bedroom, we certainly won’t advise against investing in a gorgeous oriental, vintage, or antique rug.


What would you add to this list?







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