Wedding Wednesday: How to Ask Your Bridesmaids




So, now you’re engaged and the date is set and you get to build your team! What are some creative ways to ask your friends and loved ones to stand by your side on your big day?  We’ve come up with the ultimate ask from Lily Lane Home.  What would our: “Will you be my bridesmaid?” invitation look like? This….

A Wooden Box: find a keepsake box in which you can include your special items, card, and even photographs of the two of you and your times together.

Something Sweet: we love the idea of including items like macarons, candies, chocolates or small cookies inside – just because. (If you are in Dallas, we highly recommend Joy Macarons)

Wash and Stain Bar: this is a great way to introduce friends to The Laundress. It’s perfect for traveling and the perfect way to hint at lots of fun times and possible champagne stains ahead!

A Guest Towel: This will be a special remembrance as you begin the journey and planning of your special day. You can even monogram our Bella Notte Guest Towels to make it even more special!

Something French: Include some of our freshly dried lavender for the ultimate feminine touch. It’s perfect to add a bit of relaxation and fragrance to your bridesmaid’s bedroom, kitchen, bath, or even a walk-in closet!  Call us for details.(469) 941-4667

Tie it nicely: at Lily Lane Home, we’ll be wrapping up a gift like this with the perfect velvet ribbon.

Happy asking!




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