Dash and Albert: Color Palettes



One of our favorite things about Dash and Albert is just how beautifully the colors and patterns pair together. Whether you venture out on a limb and pair some pink rugs with your favorite blue prints or – choose a myriad of prints and patterns in the same signature hue, Dash and Albert offers the perfect pieces to create your ideal color palette and complement any space.  Choose a runner in a bright canary yellow and choose a classic white and navy stripe rug for the living room. We’d love to help you design your dream rug palette here at Lily Lane Home.  If you can’t seem to make a decision, please know that we’re always happy to help!

Where to start:

1. First choose your rug sizes – how many will you need?

2. Choose your “core” piece – is there one rug that’s a must have? If so, base your other choices off this piece

3. Choose your color palette – are you going for bold colors, pastels, different shades of the same color?

4. Order samples – when in doubt, order samples of the rugs (or sign out a few of ours for the day) and bring them home. How is the lighting? How do the colors look together?

5. Make sure the colors aren’t going to clash with any furniture or art pieces

When in doubt – just ask us!





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