Bed of the Month: April 2015 – The Potted Boxwood by Christina Dandar


This month, we’re thrilled to have Christina Dandar of The Potted Boxwood style a Bella Notte bed at Lily Lane Home. Her finished bed is soothing, relaxing, and oh-so-chic. We just want to enjoy a day under the covers by the sea with its clean color palette. Christina covered her experience on her blog here.


Below, we hope you enjoy our Q&A with The Potted Boxwood. It was wonderful to learn a little bit more about Christina, her blog, and style.



LLH: Where do you live now? Where you are from?


TPB:  I have lived in Dallas for 9 years. I was born and raised in Saint Petersburg, Florida on the Gulf Coast. A laid back coastal town.


LLH: How long have you been blogging?


TPB: Gosh, I am rather new at all of this. I have been wanting to start a design blog for years, but finally decided to launch The Potted Boxwood in June 2014. So, at this point, it hasn’t even been a year!


LLH: How did The Potted Boxwood come to be?


TPB: Well throughout college (SMU), I was an avid reader of many design blogs. I worked corporately for 3 years and went back to SMU to get my Masters. It was then I realized I was missing a creative outlet. It felt like the perfect time to build my blog which is dedicated to my love of interiors. For years I had talked about it, and I felt like it was the time in my life to give it my best shot and see where it takes me! Needless to say, it took on a life of its own.


The name “The Potted Boxwood,” encompasses everything I love in design.  It is the ultimate symbol that good taste is present in that place.   I would even go as far to say it  is very rare that you enter a chic place and do NOT see potted boxwood outside the door (Lily Lane Home included!).


LLH: How would you describe your own personal style – fashion and design?


TPB: My fashion and design style are pretty much one in the same. Timeless pieces mixed with a pop of trendy. My one requirement is the fabric needs to feel good against the skin. No one likes wearing a scratchy t-shirt and no one likes to sit on a scratchy chair. If a fabric doesn’t feel good enough to wear, chances are you won’t want to sit or sleep on it either!


LLH:  Where do you find your own inspiration? Who influences you?


TPB: I am constantly inspired. Overall, I think my biggest inspiration was my great-grandmother. I was fascinated by her worldly antiques, and the way everything around her was effortlessly elegant. She used garden stools in design when no one else ever gave it a thought. She didn’t believe in having everything match, but did believe in having everything flow. There is a big difference between the two, and this is the key to my design philosophy.


LLH: What’s your favorite thing about Lily Lane Home?


TPB: I love how the store exudes casual chic luxury. You walk into the store and are greeted with the aroma of fresh French Lavender. There are so many plush beds and inviting fabrics that it is hard not to want to touch everything!


LLH: What are some of your favorite Dallas shops?


TPB: Nicholson Hardie, Arteriors, Madison, Forty Five Ten, and of course, Lily Lane Home.


LLH: What are your favorite shades of Bella Notte? What do you love most about Bella Notte?


TPB: I am a big believer in an all white bed. This is often problematic since I have a little black pug who sheds everywhere. I think there is nothing more refreshing and calming than getting into crisp white sheets after a long day. What is great about Bella Notte is that the bed can be all white, but full of different sized pillows, fabrics, patterns, and textures. With Bella Notte, nothing is boring since there are so many styles of pillows and blankets to choose from.


I have loved Bella Notte for years. My teenage bedroom at home was designed with all Bella Notte bedding. I love their bolster pillows, there is really nothing quite like having an oversized pillow for reading or propping your feet. I constantly am snuggling up in the Sophia blanket. They make excellent gifts for graduations, housewarmings, or anyone who wants to be spoiled with beautifully washable material. I can’t count the endless amounts of compliments I get every time someone uses it!


LLH: Your favorite quote or inspirational motto?


TPB: “Buy the best, and you’ll only cry once”- Miles Redd. A motto that tends to get me in a lot of trouble!


LLH: Your favorite spring/summer 2015 decor trends or favorite items/colors of the moment?


TPB: Blue and white!! Although in my opinion, it never goes out of style. It is really having a major a moment right now. It can be seen in the tableware that Tory Burch has created, the fabrics that have been featured in recent design houses, and even incorporated in more modern design. Pattern in general is also really big. People aren’t as afraid to switch a paint color for wallpaper, which for a long time had a bad wrap in mainstream design. I think the most important thing people need recognize with pattern is that the room does not need to be centered around one pattern, but that a room can be the center of multiple patterns. It goes back to my philosophy that flowing is better than matching. It also reinforces the trend that contrast is not a bad thing. In fact, it is often the one thing that brings a room to life.


LLH: How would you describe the style or feel of the bed you chose for Lily Lane Home?


TPB: I wanted the bed to feel like a perfect April day. Of course, I had to make the base white. It is fresh, comfortable, and crisp. I thought the varying shades and textures of grays and blues would be perfect for the blue Spring skies, and the cloudy April rains. Blue and white porcelain pieces and boxwood make for a dreamy backdrop. I would gladly spend my days lounging on that perfectly tufted bed, and I hope visitors to the store agree!




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