Lily Lane Home: Bed of the Month – May 2015



We’re honored to share our interview for our May 2015 Bed of the Month with you! We’ll share images of the bed later this week, but first, let’s get to know the designers behind it! We hope you enjoy our interview with The Perennial Style bloggers- the stylists of our Lily Lane Home bed of the month for May!


Name(s): Blair, Ellen, and Janie Flowers


Where are you from? We grew up in Dothan, AL




Where do you live now?  Dallas, TX by way of SMU
What are some of your favorite spots in Dallas?   Tough question, we have tons of favorites!  For shopping we love Tootsies and Stanley Korshak.  For dining we love Taverna, MiCo, and Parigi!  And, for interior design our favorite is Lily Lane of course!

How would you describe your personal style and your interior style Well Blair and Janie love feminine and classic pieces, lots of color and patterns! Ellen tends to be the “daring” sister, so she tries anything that is in style.  Right now, she is loving chrome accessories, and of course black and white.


Where do you find your own inspiration?  Dallas has so much going on and so much change so I think we find it at home!  We love the Arts District, so we are constantly inspired by all the exciting events happening around there.




What are your favorite blogs, magazines? The Potted Boxwood for interior design and we love Pink Peonies, The Style Scribe, and Gal Meets Glam!


What books are you currently reading?  The Girl on the Train.  I just started and I’m really excited to get into it!
What are your favorite colors when it comes to interiors?  Blair and Janie love a blue and white combo, as well as anything pastel.  They love their home to feel peaceful and cozy.  Ellen loves all white with lots of texture and funky accessories.


What did you think of Lily Lane Home?  Amazing!  I still dream of getting into every bed in the Lily Lane store.  I can’t wait to make my home feel like the store someday!
What are your favorite spring 2015 trends?  Mixing and matching prints as well as bell bottom jeans and lots of fringe!


sneak peek….

What’s on your must-have list at the Lily Lane Home store?  Basically everything on our “May bed of the month”, but if I had to pick one item it would be the deluxe pillow!


What made you choose the colors and fabrics you did for your May Lily Lane Home bed of the month?  We are a very girly family, so we knew pink would be our color!  The painting we selected was stunning, and the big magenta pillow caught our attention.  Once we got those two pieces it was easy to use all the beautiful white linens to create the bed!


Blair, Ellen, & Janie
of course!

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