Bedding: Do’s and Don’ts from Bella Notte

Bella Notte has shared some Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to bedding that we had to pass along!  According to Bella Notte, here’s what you need to know.


1. Don’t pick the wrong bed skirt! The bed skirt (also known as a dust ruffle) not only keeps bunnies out from under your bed, it can also give the ensemble a more finished and full look. If the material is too thin, you can see through it, and you’ll want to make sure to size the skirt to your frame so that it actually touches the ground.



Do- invest in a well-made bed skirt : Bella Notte bed skirts come in panels making it easy to remove one by one and toss in the laundry as necessary. And the 22″ gathered skirt will make your bed look full and complete.



2. Don’t: cheap sheets. We’ve all jumped into cheap flannel or jersey sheets that have caused us to sweat the night away and suffered scratchy material that pills after washing. Invest in a quality set of sheets and you’ll never look back.



10005966_951102171609215_567016957513295334_oDo- invest in quality sheets. If you sleep warm at night, Linen is a natural fabric that will keep you cool in the summer and only get softer with washing. Live in chilly weather? A tencel fabric like Madera is not only sustainable and unbelievably soft, but it is also cozy and will ward off the chill. If you crave a crisp hotel sheet, go for cotton like our Trecento! And don’t let the thread counts trick you into spending too much, any more than 600 TC and the fibers may be so thin that the material won’t last long.




3. Don’t purchase an uncomfortable bed! We’ve all slept in a hotel bed that looks like these gems. You can almost feel the springs digging into your back…nothing inviting about that!




Do – get a great mattress: The best solution to avoiding the look of sharp edges is a quality mattress, but even a foam topper on your current mattress or feather bed under the fitted sheet for your display will round off those edges and make the bed look inviting, fluffy, and warm.


4. Don’t mismatch your bed and bedding! The bed is generally the centerpiece for the decor in your bedroom. What story are you telling in this room? Do you have heavy wooden furniture? A romantic tufted headboard? A minimalist or modern iron frame?



Do- coordinate the bed and bedding! Your bedding should complement the furniture, not overwhelm it and vice-a-versa.



5. Don’t overdo prints. We love a good print. No, really! But while it can be fun to create a bohemian vibe with your decor, try to break it up with some solids. Make sure the larger staple pieces are colors or textures that will never go out of style, and then use bolder prints as accents. Remember your bedroom should create a soothing environment, the best sleepy colors being blue and yellow.


Do – pick a theme. Not every bed has to be a perfectly matched set. Choose a color theme and select one texture for your shams and another for your coverlet. Or choose a couple harmonic colors in the same fabric. Mix in a vintage throw or favorite family heirloom quilt so that it all combines to be a bed that uniquely reflects your style and personality.




6. Don’t overdo pillows. If you have a full or queen bed, think about limiting the amount of decorative pillows to just your very favorites so you don’t overwhelm the bed…or upset your partner! Alternatively if you have a larger bed, avoid small pillows like boudoirs that can look dinky.


Do – Consider two matching Accents or Square throw pillows that you can put side by side for a clean, balanced look.


Thanks, Bella Notte for these great tips!



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