Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaid Ask Idea



We’re swooning over this adorable bridesmaid ask idea from Brittany Lynn at Lily Lane Home. Looking for inspiration? Brittany Lynn covered a box with tissue paper and a soft silk blue ribbon- her wedding colors and filled the inside with memorable pieces for her bridesmaids.

First: the card! Brittany Lynn included her custom wedding monogram on the outside of the card to write each of her bridesmaids-to-be a sweet note.



Second: the macarons! She wanted to give her friends a sweet treat that fit the classic southern tone of the wedding.




Third: the place! Brittany Lynn included a photo of her wedding venue to give her bridesmaids a visual representation of where the festivities would be taking place.




Fourth: the gift!  A custom monogrammed linen satchel was given to each of her bridesmaids in the same soft tones of the wedding.




If you are looking for a personal, memorable invitation for your bridesmaids that evokes excitement about the months to come and follows the theme and style of your wedding, we hope this provides you with some inspiration. And, of course, the monogram bags are available at Lily Lane Home!



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