Wedding Wednesday: The Bachelorette Tote



As Brittany Lynn begins to dream up the most perfect bachelorette weekend with her nearest and dearest, she has the gift bag at the top of her list. Whether she chooses a spa-cation or a glamorous destination like Palm Beach, here are a few of the favorite items she plans to share during her weekend with friends.

Towel: A personalized towel is at the top of the list. For something southern and sweet, a Bella Notte guest towel does the trick. If you are heading to the beach, pick out your favorite beach towel and monogram it. * Available at Lily Lane Home

Tote: if you are like us, you can never have too many monograms. Check out our latest totes from Dash and Albert – available in a variety of colors and custom monograms. It’s true: they’re amazing with our without a signature monogram. And, they’re the perfect accessory to put all of your bachelorette items in. * Available at Lily Lane Home

Magazine: it might be a cute idea to include different issues of the brides favorite magazines in the totes. That way, you can snap and share others over the weekend.

Sunglasses: Signature shades for the weekend are always a good idea – especially if the weekend has a special theme

Bubbly: Give the gift of mini champagne and  include a few in each of the totes to kick off the weekend right!



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