Cleaning Whites: removing makeup stains and more



Have you ever cringed when you’ve gotten tinted sunscreen, foundation, mascara, or makeup on white towels, white linens, or even a shirt? We’re sharing a few tips on how The Laundress can once again be a life-saver in these situations!

Here’s what they recommend:

1.  Apply their Stain Solution or Wash and Stain Bar directly to the stain. Agitate and work the Stain Solution into the fabric using their Stain Brush. The Stain Solution is safe to use on all fabrics!

2. If the stain is extra stubborn, combine the Stain Solution and All-Purpose Bleach Alternative to make a paste. Again, work this into the fabric. Next, pre-soak the item with the All-Purpose Bleach Alternative. If it is cotton, linen, or polyester, it is safe to soak with warm/hot water. Remove the garment from the water and launder as normal.

3. The All-Purpose Bleach Alternative is oxygen bleach and is color safe. However, do not use on any garment that cannot be bleached like silk, wool, or cashmere.

Note: do not be discouraged if the stains do not come out immediately. Often, items need to be laundered a few times before you receive optimal results.  This usually happens with stains that have set in over a long period of time.

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