Tips and Tricks Tuesday: Color Transfer

Is it completely hopeless when one item “bleeds” on another after a wash? Can this issue be fixed? This is our topic today for tips and tricks Tuesday!



QUESTION: I accidentally washed a cotton light pink dress with some of my dark denim jeans that hadn’t been washed before.  The dye from the jeans transferred onto the dress. Is there something I can do when this happens to colored fabrics and not just whites?

ANSWER: The transfer of dye can be tricky. Try The Laundress Stain Solution and All Purpose Bleach alternative and let the item soak in hot water. It could take a few attempts to treat, but it just may remove the stain!


QUESTION: Can you use The Laundress’ All Purpose Bleach Alternative on items that aren’t white?

ANSWER: Yes, the All Purpose Bleach does not contain bleach or dye so it is safe on non-white items.


QUESTION: Is the All Purpose Bleach Alternative safe to use on ALL colors?

ANSWER: yes!



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