Stand For Life


From Live Action  “What started as a photographer’s inspired response to the recent undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress, has quickly turned into a viral social media campaign of tens of thousands of people uniting to acknowledge, honor, and celebrate the beauty of LIFE.

The Life Filter–the creation of Texas-based photographer Jess Barfield—was the spark that ignited the fire that would become the Stand for Life Movement.”


We’re thrilled to highlight the Stand for Life movement on the blog today.#StandforLIFE strives to bring compassion and truth to the conversation surrounding abortion by uniting believers in LIFE. They share stories of grace and redemption that demonstrate the beauty in every human being given the opportunity to live. They aren’t newly passionate about choosing life, but they are newly speaking – and standing – up for it. They know that strength comes in numbers, and believe that together, they are able to make meaningful change in how our society views abortion. Together, we can advocate on behalf of those who cannot yet advocate for themselves. Learn more about #StandForLife here.



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